The School

Osted efterskole is normally an independent boarding school for for teenagers (lower secondary students) and has several separate buildings with different types of rooms. We usually accommodate between 80-110 attendees, volunteers and speakers in the facilities, but we also invite people to camp in tents.

The Rooms

Accommodation is available in shared rooms with two, three or four single beds or bunk beds in each room. The rooms also contain small wardrobes for clothes and in some cases a table or a sink. There will be two keys per room handed out upon arrival. We encourage you to lock your room whenever you leave it because the festival does not cover lost or stolen things. Also please remember to hand back the key before departure.

Room Sharing and Single Room

If you come on your own we will put you in a room with someone of the same gender as you. If you come as a couple or a family you will get a room to yourselves. If you bring kids please let us know if you are co-sleeping or if they need a bed of their own.

If the festival is not sold out it is possible to get a single room at an extra fee. In case we have a lot of attendees, it will not be possible to purchase a single room ticket, but you may send an email to us and ask to be registered at a waiting list for a single room. We will do our best to try to accommodate you.

Bedding and Towels

You do not need to bring any bedding or a towel, as this will be provided by the festival. It will be placed on top of your bed so all you have to do is make your own bed upon arrival. After the festival please remove the bedding and towl and put it in the cages by the back door of the main building.

Shower and Toilets

There are shared toilets and showers in each section, primarily found in the corridors. You will have to bring your own soap and toiletries as this is not provided.


It is also possible to camp at the festival if you bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Tents can be put up in an area next to the volleyball court and people camping can use the showers, toilets and common rooms located in the closest building (Green House). This building will be open during the night but remember to bring a flashlight so you can find your way around in the dark.

Common Areas

Both in the main building and in the sleeping areas there are common areas that you can use. Here you can find a couch to relax on or to have a chat with some of the other guests. The main building will be locked around 10 pm every night but you are welcome to use these common areas in the other buildings as long as you keep the noise down after 10 pm.

Find Your Way Around

Ground Floor

On the ground floor you find both the dining hall, the kitchen, the sports hall and the yoga room (shown in red). This is where you will be spending a lot of your time. In the other end of the school you find all the rooms located in various buildings. Each building has an assigned color like the blue corridor, red corridor, the white house and the green house (shown in blue). Outside is where you find the skateboard ramp, the soccor field, the camping grounds, the childrens playgrounds, the old tree and the path to the little lake.

First Floor

The first floor is where you find the big lecture room where most of the lectures will take place. Next to it is a class room assigned for the childrens activities. The first floor is accessible by stairs and by lift.


In the basement you find the red corridor (rooms) and also the dressing rooms and showers for the sports hall. You are very welcome to use the small fitness center and the toilets in the basement too.