Meet the organizers and the crew

This is a list of the people organizing the festival this year. All of them are spending a lot of their own personal spare time to make this festival happen so please be kind and supportive to them.

Petr Cech

Event organizer and Food coordinator: Petr Cech

With lots of experience from the previous Fresh Food Festivals Petr will be in charge of the entire festival and the food shopping.  He will try to get the best organic fruits and vegetables he can get his hands on. Petr was one of the first in Denmark to go on the 80/10/10 diet and is in many ways a true pioneer.

Guest coordinator: Alexandra Cechová

Again this year Swedish Alexandra will be coordinating everything that has to do with the guests, including answering e-mails, locating people in rooms and taking care of payments. She will therefore be the one who answers your e-mails if you write to

Toastmaster: Shawn Ireland

Canadian Shawn lives in Sweden and has been the festival toastmaster for many years. During the festival he will be in charge of announcements and writing updates and changes to the schedule on the whiteboard by the entrance. During lectures he can be found in the large lecture hall making sure that everything is running on time and if you have questions about the schedule during the festival just ask Shawn or take a look at the whiteboard by the entrance.

Activity coordinators: Felix and Dorotka

Polish Dorotka and Swedish Felix will be coordinating this years activities. They will plan and carry out all the games, activities and social events.

Dorotka has several years of dancing experience in different Latin dances and taught dance classes at the festival last year. She is studying holistic natural health and nutrition and she has been travelling and living on a high raw food diet since 2014. Together with her boyfriend she is in the midst of creating a permaculture garden and planning to build their own house using natural and recycled resources. Dorotka loves sunlight and will try to arrange a lot of the activities outdoor in the beautiful surroundings of the school. It is her second time at the festival and she will do everything she can to make sure everybody has a great time, no matter of their age, mood or physical capacity.

Felix worked at the festival as a kitchen volunteer and fun volunteer last year. He started his raw food journey a little over a year ago because of several years of declining health. Today he feels healthy, happy and energetic due to the diet change and lives in a small cabin outside Stockholm. Here he grows his own food like vegetables and herbs and spend a lot of time training both his body and mind with running, body weight training, yoga and meditation. He also does hiking and sleeping in hammocks. Felix has previously done a lot of different sports like soccer, ice hockey and Martial Arts, and at the festival he will help Dorotka organize all the social activities is very much looking forward to it.

Kitchen coordinator: Konstantinos Kotsonis

This year’s kitchen coordinator will be Konstantinos from Greece who is a trained chef. He has a lot of experience working in a kitchen and in customer service, he is also a sailor and loves everything about nature. Konstantinos has been eating a vegan diet with a lot of fruit for 5 years and he is now on the 80/10/10 diet. He spent 15 months in Asia where he joined the Thai fruit loving community for 8 months. At the festival, Konstantinos will be the ‘go to guy’ for all the volunteers and make sure that the kitchen runs smoothly.


Petr Cech