The Food

Raw Food

The food at the festival is all about raw food. This means no cooking, lots of fruit, salad and vegetables, some nuts and seeds. Everything is as fresh and whole as possible. Raw food meals can include soups, thai inspired meals, pizzas, tortillas, falafel etc.

Organic and locally grown

It is important to us that the food we serve is as healthy as possible and also environment friendly, therefore we strive to get as much organic and local produce as possible. About 80% of the food at the festival is usually organic. Even if it is not certified organic, we make sure to use producers who do not use pesticides. As much as we can we try to get produce from local farmers.

International Raw Food Chefs

Every year we have skilled raw food chefs to prepare the food at the festival. While breakfast and lunch may be simple with lots of plain fruits, salads and smoothies, the chefs will create more advanced recipes for dinner. Previously it has been dishes like zucchini noodle pasta, lasagna, burritos, chili, veggie stews, wraps, icecream, cakes etc. all raw and vegan of course. These dishes may contain spices, nuts and seeds but salt and oil is avoided.

Raw and Vegan

Because it is a raw food festival there will not be any cooked options available. Everything is 100% vegan so that means no meat, fish, egg, dairy or poultry and also no grains, potatos or pasta either. Typical meals will instead consist of fruits and vegetables like melons, oranges, mangos, bananas, strawberries, pinapples, lettuce, selleri, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. They may also be some raw crackers or tortillas awailable but it is not guaranteed. Whenever possible we will priorietise food that is locally grown.

Exotic Fruits

As a little extra thing we present some different exotic fruits during the fesitval for people to taste. There will be a few pieces per person and it can be fruits like jackfruit, mangosteen, papaya, cherimoya, durian or perhaps dragonfruit. Hopefully we will introduce you to some new exotic fruits you have never tasted before.


Because it is a super healthy festival there will be lots of water available for people to drink. There may also be smoothies and juices during meals but plain water will be the main source of liquid. There will be both tap water and cleaned water, but don’t expect things like sodas, alcohol, milk or canned juice. For four days you will instead cleanse and hydrate your body with pure and healthy water.