Meet the organizers and the crew

This is a list of the people organizing the festival this year. All of them are spending a lot of their own personal spare time to make this festival happen so please be kind and supportive to them.

Petr Cech

Event organizer and Food coordinator: Petr Cech

With lots of experience from the previous Fresh Food Festivals Petr will be in charge of the entire festival and the food shopping.  He will try to get the best organic fruits and vegetables he can get his hands on. Petr was one of the first in Denmark to go on the 80/10/10 diet and is in many ways a true pioneer. He has lived in Denmark for 15 years, but lives today in his home country Czech Republic.

Guest coordinator: Alexandra Cechová

Alexandra will be coordinating everything that has to do with the guests, including answering e-mails, locating people in rooms and taking care of payments. She will therefore be the one who answers your e-mails if you write to Alexandra is Swedish, but lives today in Czech Republic, so you can write to her in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Czech.


Petr Cech