Brianna has Cancelled

Brianna Jackfruitson


Brianna has Cancelled


We are really sorry to announce this but Brianna has just cancelled her participation in the festival due to personal reasons. Louise has done everything she could to talk her into coming but with no luck. We are terribly sorry and we wish there was something we could do to make her change her mind. With less than two weeks to the festival we have decided to replace her three talks with talks from the other attending speakers. The first of the three new talks will be by Rosalind Graham and is called ‘Overcoming the Challenges of Family Members with Conflicting Beliefs’. We will add the other ones to the schedule as soon as they have been confirmed.

Again we are terribly sorry but hope that you will still get an amazing festival with lots of fun and great talks.


See you soon.

Louise and the festival team





Ted Carr

Updates About Tim VanOrden and Bonus Speaker Ted Carr

Brianna Jackson

NEWS: Brianna Jackfruitson said yes!


Brianna Jackfrutson

Brianna Jackson will be speaking this year

19-year-old Brianna Jackfruitson, as she calls herself, is a passionate vegan teenager and we are super excited that she has just said yes to being a speaker at this years festival. Brianna struggled for most of her teenage life with a severe eating disorder but was able to finally find happiness and health through eating well and upholding self love principles. Her new diet and lifestyle inspired her so much that she started a Youtube channel dedicated to sharing her diet, lifestyle, thoughts and experiences.

She wanted to meet like-minded people but she also hoped that it could have a positive influence on the world and herself. And it has for sure. Today she has more than 50.000 subscribers and is gaining more every day.

Brianna calls herself a proclaimed perfectionist because she spent most of her life trying to attain impossibly high standards whether that be an extremely low weight or incredibly high grades. But in truth she was searching for something different. She was searching for a way to escape the intense feelings of self loathing and guilt and because of this, she now wants to show people they don’t need to change and should love themselves in order to reach their highest potential of mental and physical health.

Besides seeing her on Youtube you can also find her on Snapchat and now also at the Fresh Food Festival in about 6 weeks. If you would like to meet this lovely and inspiring girl then all you have to do is get your ticket at and come for four amazing days full of fruit, sport, lectures and fun.

You will also be able to hear Doug Graham, Rosalind Graham, Chris Kendall, Tim VanOrden, FruityLou, Harriet Kjær, Petr Czech and Marina Grubic talk. On top of that a Swedish skateboader named David Krug will also be giving a talk about what it is like living a fruitarian life in Africa with elephants and hippos in your back garden. So there are lots of good reasons to join us this year and we would love it if you did either as a guest or a volunteer.


Get tickets

Tim Vanorden

NEWS: Tim VanOrden is coming

Tim vanorden beskåret

Tim VanOrden from ‘Running Raw’ is coming

American runner Tim VanOrden is an amazing speaker and it is a real treat to have him as a speaker at the Fresh Food Festival this year.


Tim began his raw food journey back in 2004 when he was depressed, tired and out of shape but luckily he had the courage to change his diet and lifestyle.

Since then he has finished an endless number of marathons, trail- and mountain running competitions, snow shoe running and even a stair climbing race up the Empire State building. He has won titles like  the U.S. Masters Trail Runner of the Year and U.S. Masters Mountain Runner of the Year and easily run 110 or more kilometers a week.

Today Tim is a dedicated Youtuber with almost 30.000 followers and has many years of experience as a speaker and coach when it comes to running, diet and personal growth. At the festival Tim will be doing both talks, morning runs and a running workshop where you can learn tips and trick to improve your running skills.

If you would like to hear Tim VanOrden talk at the Fresh Food Festival in Denmark this year (July 21-24th 2016) you can get your ticket at If you book before April 1st you can even get the Early bird discount where you save 490 DKK (about $74 or 66 ) off the price. The ticket includes amazing raw food, lectures with top international speakers, a shared room, fitness classes and lots of fun social activities.


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NEWS: Doug Graham and Rosalind will be back

Once again we are proud to present Doug Graham and Rosalind Graham as speakers at the Fresh Food Festival. Doug and Rosalind have been speaking at the festival from the very beginning in Denmark and this year will be the 8th time they participate.

Chris Kendall

NEWS: Chris Kendall will be back!

Chris Kendalls food demo at the Fresh Food Festival 2015

Chris Kendall will be back for FFF 2016!

It is really important to the Fresh Food Festival in Denmark that we book the speakers you want to see. Therefore we sent out a survey earlier this year and the results are now in. Since then we have been working hard on getting the speakers from the top of your wish list and we are very happy to announce that your number one wish – Chris Kendall will be back for the 2016 festival.

Chris Kendall is known as the Banana Commander and is a registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). He is an amazing chef, speaker and personality with lots of years of experience when it come to raw foods and healthy living. Besides being a raw food chef his is also a raw food lifestyle coach, a dedicated skateboarder and a yoga teacher.

He has been the head chef the past two years but this year he will do a lot more talks and food demos. He will still be the head chef for dinner but this year we wanted to give him more time outside the kitchen to share his amazing knowledge and culinary skills.

Remember that we have a ‘Super early bird’ offer that ends on December 1st. 2015. If you get this offer you can get the entire festival for only 3.198 kr. including food, accommodation, lectures and activities. That is 307 kr cheaper than the normal Early Bird and almost 800 kr. less than our normal price which starts April 1st. So if you want to attend the festival it doesn’t get any cheaper that this. Check out all the festival prices HERE or get you super early bird ticket today at Billetto here:



NEWS: Super Early Bird price

Raw food chefs at the fresh food festival in Denmark

Get the ‘Super Early Bird’ ticket

The ticket sale is now open for this years Fresh Food Festival in Denmark 2016, and this year we have something special – a ‘Super early bird’ price. It means that if you sign up before December 1st. 2015 you can get the entire festival for only 3.198 kr. That is 307 kr. cheaper than the normal Early Bird and almost 800 kr. less than our normal price that starts April 1st. So if you want to attend the festival it doesn’t get any cheaper that that – unless you work as a volunteer of course.

Check out all the festival prices HERE or get you super early bird ticket at Billetto here:

Just remember that prices go up on December 1st. and will continue to go up the closer we get to the festival.


The festival is truly an amazing experience that can change your life in so many ways. When people first attend they have no idea how much new information, new friendships and newfound willpower to change their diets they will get from it. They simply go from feeling totally alone and struggling with their healthy diet and lifestyle, lifestyle, fitness and health to getting lots of new strategies for success. It is so much more than just a festival with lectures, fitness and raw foods 80/10/10 style – it can simply be a life changing experience.


If you haven’t noticed it allready the festival webpage has gotten a makeover. A new feature is that you can now review the festival so please share your experience HERE if you attended any of the previous years. That way other people can learn more about it and hopefully decide to come 🙂

Have an amazing day
Fruity greetings

Louise Koch
Festival Organizer


We now have the dates for 2016

The dates for the 2016 festival will as always be in July – more specifically the 21-24th of July. Also thank you very much to everyone who took the time to answer our speaker survey regarding who you want to see next year. The results are in and we will now do our very best to book the ones from the top of your wishlist.