Our guests say about the festival…

Why did you sign up for the festival?

Aleksandra David from Croatia says:
“I decided to sign up for this festival for several important reasons:
1. It is the only festival of this kind in Europe, and I am from Croatia (there are several other festivals but none of them is this attractive and comprehensive, including food AND boarding AND lectures AND various activities – others offer only some of these things, also at much less attractive prices) – 
2. It seems really well-organized and I would like to find out as much as possible about raw vegan diet
3. the prices are really super friendly, especially considering it takes places in Denmark where everything is so expensive
4. I have a direct flight from Zagreb to Copenhagen
5. It has many participants and I would like to meet like-minded people”

Why did you sign up for the festival?

Ester González Romo​ from Denmark says,

“I got a better health and lost some kilos by following the 80/10/10 raw lifestyle, but I have difficulties in keeping my new lifestyle, as no one in my surroundings understands my choice. So I look forward to meeting and get to know some who are living this way. I enclose a picture showing me in the clothes I used before I went raw.”

Why did you sign up for the festival?

Melissa Panadevo​ from Denmark says:

“I am signing up because I am a almost 100% raw vegan and I would like to meet other raw vegans. I love the idea of all the raw vegan food AND the idea of combining it with exercise.
No smooking and no alcohol is also elements which convinced my of the ideal festival for me.”

Why did you sign up for the festival?

Siddhesh Krishnan, from India, says:

“I have been passively following the festival on Facebook but it is only this year, that I will attend the festival.  I have been a vegetarian most of my life but through several blogs and youtube channels, I have seen that people have cured many of their health concerns through a raw vegan diet. I am attending the festival to get answers to health issues.

4 days of organic raw food, fitness and social activities, lessons on health & wellness from experts, community of open-minded people, this sounds like the right definition of a summer vacation.

In addition I signed up as a volunteer to discover the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to put together an international raw vegan festival.”

Why did you sign up for the festival?

Lupi Lov , from Norway, is clear with his purpose to attend this festival,

– To meet/connect with like minded people.
– To learn from presenters