Speakers at the 2018 festival

Dr. Douglas Graham (USA)

Dr. Graham is the author of many books on health and raw food including ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ and ‘Nutrition and Athletic Performance’. Recognized as one of the fathers of the modern raw food movement, Dr. Graham is the only lecturer to have attended and given keynote presentations at all of the major raw events in the world. At the same time he is a lifetime athlete and over 30-year raw fooder, plus an advisor to world-class athletes and trainers from around the globe. Doug will be giving lectures and holding fitness classes.  www.foodnsport.com

Rosalind Graham (UK)

Rosalind is a mother, professor in Applied Nutrition, dance and fitness instructor and renowned Natural Hygiene teacher. She has been eating and teaching raw food for more than half of her life. Among her specialties is the emotional aspect of living, eating disorders and the proper nurturing of children. She is the author of the book “Stay fit after 50″ and a 2-disc set “Nurturing Peace”, with lectures about raw parenting and cultivating inner peace. At the festival Rosalind will be giving some inspiring lectures and here is an example from a previous year https://youtu.be/3BCQOocO0Ew

Anne Osborne (Australia)

Anne began her journey on the fruit diet in 1991 and is both an author, speaker and mother. Anne’s book ‘Fruitarianism The Path To Paradise’ was published in English in 2009 and the Italian version in 2011. She has raised two very happy and healthy children on this diet. Cappi her younger child has accompanied her to Fruit Festivals in England and the United States and is an advocate for the environmental, ethical, and health benefits of a fruit-based diet and will also be joining us at the Fresh Food Festival this year. Anne has given presentations on the fruit diet in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States and she currently works for the Woodstock Fruit Festival in USA and is also a freelance author and illustrator. Anne believes the Fruit Diet is the most compassionate, the most environmentally positive, the healthiest, and the most rational way forward for our Planet and you can visit her webpage here www.fruitgod.com

Louise Koch (Denmark)

Louise has cured herself naturally through a diet and lifestyle change and is a coach, speaker and author of several books in Danish about natural healing. She is known from Youtube as Fruity Lou where she promotes a low fat raw vegan diet and also in Danish from ‘Rask på Raw’. Her English channel has more than 13.000 subscribers and she has been the organizer of the festival from 2014-16. www.fruitylou.com and www.raskpaaraw.dk

Annette Davidsson (SWE/ Hawaii)

Annette Davidsson is a permaculture farmer and yoga teacher on the Hawaiian island of Maui. With her husband Dr. David Klein she is the Co-Director of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy and is a Digestive Health Counselor with David’s Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center. Originally from Sweden, Annette lived in Copenhagen for 11 years prior to moving to Maui.  She has taught yoga at several Fresh Food Festivals.

Grant Campbell

Grant Campbell (Australia)

Also known as the Raw Aussie Athlete, Grant is an athlete and an academic thriving on the 80/10/10 lifestyle since 2005. As FoodnSport’s Director of Education, he runs the 80/10/10 Certified Lifestyle Coach program with Dr. Graham. Grant has been running 80/10/10 raw vegan healthy lifestyle retreats in Australia and Thailand since 2007. He has also completed over 40 ultra-marathons, has been to every FoodnSport event since 2008 and has witnessed over 100 people complete water fasts under Dr. Graham’s supervision.  www.rawaussieathlete.com

Harriet Kjær (Denmark)

Harriet Kjær discovered running when teaching her daughter how to ride a bike, and at the same time she also started following a high carb low fat diet with heaps of fruit. After several standard marathons she did the North Pole marathon in 2009 and that motivated her to run further. Since then she has done several long distance runs (over 100 km) with the longest being 59 hours with only one hour of sleep. She won her first 200 km run in Costa Rica in November 2015. She is a member of Danish trail running national team and will be competing at the Trail running world championships in Spain, 12th of May 2018. Harriet is Danish but lives in Spain and works as a violin builder when she is not running. She is sponsored by Lifefood and you can read more about her here: http://www.lifefood.eu/article/items/harriet-kjaer-why-not-do-the-1000km-camino-of-compostella.html

JOÃO ‘copenhⓋegan’ LØBO (Portugal/Denmark)

Studies on Cultural Anthropology, originally a theatre-director & choreographer, actor, dancer, singer & video-artist working mostly w/ sexuality & identity issues until 2007. In recent years, withdrawn to free-lance small scale film-editing, social-work w/ respiratory patients and free-lance writing for the Danish Vegetarian Association. Vegan since 2014. Amateur plant-based athlete (swimmer & runner), active at Plant Strong.Dk and Pan Idræt. Transitioning to Raw-food/fruitarianism in 2018. Co-founder of Vegan Homo.Dk, a danish LGBTQ plant-based eating club. Currently, Løbo is slowly developing a long-term self-taught 3 part-project called “CUT THE CRAP-Running Marathons Away From Meat Consumption” which consists of 3 interwovened phases: – a marathon(s)-project + a touring-speech/conferences-project + a full-length film-documentary project with focus on the danish animal-dominated food system, veganism as the biggest social-justice movement of our time, sports & plant-based nutrition. https://www.instagram.com/copenhvegan/

Instructors 2018

Yoga with Marina Grubic (Serbia)

Marina Grubic practices and teaches Vinyasa flow yoga and has studied at “Yogea – Yoga Out Of The Box” school in New York City. She teaches yoga 3 times a week in Serbia where she is originally from and has also modelled for a book about yoga in New York and for various Youtube videos. Besides beeing a yoga instructor and a rawfood chef Marina is also doing retreats, making recipe books and has translated the ’80/10/10 Diet’ book into Serbian. At the festival she will be doing Vinyasa flow yoga and do her best to tailor the routines so that all participants can follow at a comfortable pace.
Check out a fitness and yoga routines with Marina at healthglows.net/exercising.php

Chefs 2018

Erin Volentine (USA)

Erin has loved being in the kitchen as long as she can remember. She started cooking with her parents and grandparents when she was a child. When she started transitioning to a raw food diet in 2009 she applied her love of cooking to raw food. She is the author of 3 raw food recipe books, the head chef for the FoodnSport retreats, a yoga teacher, and health coach. When she’s not eating fruits she enjoys planting trees and working in her garden, lifting heavy weights, expanding her comfort zone, traveling, meeting new people, spending time outside in nature, and being with friends.


Konstantinos Kotsonis

Konstantinos from Greece is a trained chef. He has a lot of experience working in a kitchen and in customer service, he is also a sailor and loves everything about nature. Konstantinos has been eating a vegan diet with a lot of fruit for 5 years and he is now on the 80/10/10 diet. He spent 15 months in Asia where he joined the Thai fruit loving community for 8 months.


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