Speakers 2016

The Fresh Food Festival wants to bring you the speakers you want to see. Therefore we do a  survey every year to get your oppinion. Almost 50 people choose their favorite speakers out of 35 possible this year and now we are doing our very best to bring you speakers you want to see.

Dr. Douglas Graham (USA)

Dr. Graham is the author of many books on health and raw food including ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ and ‘Nutrition and Athletic Performance’. Recognized as one of the fathers of the modern raw food movement, Dr. Graham is the only lecturer to have attended and given keynote presentations at all of the major raw events in the world. At the same time he is a lifetime athlete and over 30-year raw fooder, plus an advisor to world-class athletes and trainers from around the globe. Doug will be giving lectures and holding fitness classes.  www.foodnsport.com

Rosalind Graham (UK)

Rosalind is a mother, professor in Applied Nutrition, dance and fitness instructor and renowned Natural Hygiene teacher. She has been eating and teaching raw food for more than half of her life. Among her specialties is the emotional aspect of living, eating disorders and the proper nurturing of children. She is the author of the book “Stay fit after 50″ and a 2-disc set “Nurturing Peace”, with lectures about raw parenting and cultivating inner peace. At the festival Rosalind will be giving some inspiring lectures and here is an example from a previous year https://youtu.be/3BCQOocO0Ew

Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall (Canada)

Chris, also better known as the Banana Commander is a registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), a raw food lifestyle coach, a raw food chef, a lifelong athlete and a yoga teacher. He will be the chef at the festival and has previously led the kitchen at many raw food events, including the Woodstock Fruit Festival in the USA. Besides his awesome culinary skills he will be giving some inspiring lectures and food demos. www.therawadvantage.com

Ted Carr

Ted Carr (Canada)

Ted is a fruit based triathlete and personal trainer with an incredible energy and drive for results. Originally from Canada he spends a lot of his time in Thailand practicing cycling, running and swimming and participates in triathlons and races whenever he can. Ted is also a great motivational speaker and in his videos and coaching he focuses on goal setting, positive mental attitude techniques, and self-improvement methods. At the festival Ted will be doing talks, lead the morning runs, host the mens circle and also do a workshop on running. www.fruitliving.com

Tim VanOrden (USA) – Live on Skype from USA

American speaker and runner Tim VanOrden began his raw food journey back in 2004 when he was depressed, tired and out of shape. Since then he has finished an endless number of marathons, trail- and mountain running competitions, snow shoe running and even a stair climbing race up the Empire State building. He has won titles like  the U.S. Masters Trail Runner of the Year and U.S. Masters Mountain Runner of the Year and easily run 110 or more kilometers a week. Tim is also a dedicated Youtuber with almost 30.000 followers and has many years of experience as a speaker and coach when it comes to running, diet and personal growth. At the festival Tim will be doing talks, morning runs and a running workshop. www.runningraw.com

NB. Unfortunately Tim had to cancel his trip to Europe so he will be doing his talks live on Skype from USA at the festival instead. Triathlete Ted Carr will take over the morning run and running workshop.

Brianna Jackfruitson

Brianna Jackson (England) Has cancelled

19 year old Brianna Jackfruitson, as she calls herself, is a passionate vegan teenager who hopes to  have a positive influence on the world and herself. She struggled for most of her teenage life with a severe eating disorder but was able to finally find happiness and health through eating well and upholding self love principles. Brianna is a Youtuber with more than 50.000 subscribers, a snapchatter and has also written a couple of ebooks. www.briannajackfruitson.com

Louise Koch (Denmark)

Louise has cured herself naturally through a diet and lifestyle change and is a coach, speaker and author of several books in danish about natural healing. She is known from Youtube as Fruity Lou where she promotes a low fat raw vegan diet and also in Danish from ‘Rask på Raw’. At the festival she will be doing various talks and she is also the organizer of the entire festival. www.fruitylou.com and www.raskpaaraw.dk

Harriet Kjaer (Denmark)

Harriet Kjaer discovered running when teaching her daughter how to ride a bike, and at the same time she also started following a high carb low fat diet with heaps of fruit. After several standard marathons she did the North Pole marathon in 2009 and that motivated her to run further. Since then she has done several long distance runs (over 100 km) with the longest being 59 hours with only one hour of sleep. She won her first 200 km run in Costa Rica in November 2015 and only 5 days before the festival this year she will run the hardest mountain run in Europe (Andorra). Harriet is Danish but lives in Spain and works as a violin builder when she is not running. She is sponsored by Lifefood and you can read more about her here: http://www.lifefood.eu/article/items/harriet-kjaer-why-not-do-the-1000km-camino-of-compostella.html
David Krug

David Krug (Sweden)

David stopped eating a standard diet in 2010 and became a primarily banana based fruitarian. In 2011 he decided to move to Africa because of the animals, the climate and the fruit. He researched many of the African countries for 3 months both online and in person and in the autumn of 2013 he went all in. He quit his job, sold his apartment and moved to South Africa. After 2,5 years he finally found his dream house with elephants, hippos and other wild animals at his garden for the rent of a Swedish apartment. Today he is in many ways living a dream life in Africa but also still facing many challenges including an online income rollercoaster and dreams to help other fruitarians move to the same area. At the festival David will be giving a talk in two parts called ‘Living the fruitarian dream in Africa – can we make the Utopia come true?’ David is also a keen skateboarder and has built a half pipe on a truck with the goal to keep both him self and local kids moving wherever he stays.

Petr Cech

Petr Cech (Czech Republic)

Petr Cech is self-educated in Natural Hygiene and has been living on fruit for more than a decade. He is an absolute expert when it comes to fruit and vegetables and has been the one who buys food for the festival since it’s very beginning. Besides founding the festival back in 2008 he has also done a lot of raw food workshops, lectures and some fruit retreats in Thailand and most importantly he is the one who brought 80/10/10 to Denmark. www.fruitretreat.cz/en

Instructors 2016

Yoga with Chris Kendall (Canada)

Besides giving talks and preparing food Chris Kendall will also be giving some yoga classes at the festival. Chris practices both Kundalini yoga and Raw Power Yoga but is most famously know from his own silly version called Kendalini yoga. Chris has been teaching yoga both at the Fresh Food Festival last year but also at the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York and at Doug Grahams fasting retreat in Costa Rica. www.therawadvantage.com/yoga

Yoga with Marina Grubic (Serbia)

Marina Grubic practices and teaches Vinyasa flow yoga and has studied at “Yogea – Yoga Out Of The Box” school in New York City. She teaches yoga 3 times a week in Serbia where she is originally from and has also modelled for a book about yoga in New York and for various Youtube videos. Besides beeing a yoga instructor and a rawfood chef Marina is also doing retreats, making recipe books and has translated the ’80/10/10 Diet’ book into Serbian. At the festival she will be doing Vinyasa flow yoga and do her best to tailor the routines so that all participants can follow at a comfortable pace. Check out a routine with Marina at the “Yogea ArtFlow Yoga” channel here http://youtu.be/FKavvquMWis and https://www.facebook.com/Healthglows

Head Chefs 2016

Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall (Canada)

Chris, also better known as the Banana Commander is a registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), a raw food lifestyle coach, a raw food chef, a lifelong athlete and a yoga teacher. He will be back at the head chef at this years festival and has previously led the kitchen at many raw food events, including the Woodstock Fruit Festival in the USA and the Fresh Food Festival in 2014. Besides his awesome culinary skills he will also be giving some inspiring lectures, teach yoga and do food demos.


Aleid Koopal (Holland)

This year, raw food chef Aleid Koopal from Holland will be in charge of breakfast and lunch. She has been a raw vegan since 2012 and in 2013 she started running her own ‘pop up’ raw food restaurant with high carb dishes. Today she works full time as the head chef in a raw vegan restaurant in Amsterdam and is especially known for her high carb sweets and desserts. Originally she did a masters degree in Neuropsychology but her true passion was holistic health and being creative with foods. Under the name of Rawfullynuts she has made workshops on how to prepare raw foods, smoothies, juices and raw desserts and at the moment she is working on setting up various yoga/raw food retreats throughout Europe. Here she will be giving workshops, lectures and being responsible for the raw vegan daily menu.  http://Facebook.com/rawfullynuts and http://Instagram.com/rawfullynuts


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