Frequently Asked Questions

What can/ should I bring?

The Hotel provides all the bedding plus a towel so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Besides normal things like toiletries, socks, underwear, clothes and shoes you can also bring:

  • sporting clothes if you want to join the sports activities.
  • a yoga mat if you want to do yoga.
  • a tent, sleepingbag and airmatress if you want to camp outside and not sleep in a room.
  • a notebook and pen to take notes during the lectures and to add new contacts.
  • a waterbottle so that you can always have water with you.
  • a musical instrument if you want to entertain at the talent show.
  • running shoes if you want to go running
  • a watch so you can follow the festival schedule.
  • a blanket if you want to sit on the grass outside.
  • a camera or videocamera to take great memories home with you.
  • summer clothing. Day temperatures can get up to 25 degrees in the middle of September.
  • some warm clothing. It can get cold in the evenings and go down to 10 degrees Celcius at night.
  • a lot of ‘business’ cards that you can hand out to new friends.
  • some cash, either Czech kronor or Euro, as there will be a few things for sale in the entrance area, such as t-shirts and books.

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your kids and there are a few playgrounds on the site. If enough children sign up we will arrange some occasional activities for them, so please make sure to write the age of your child on the registration form.

No. We prefer that you do not bring any pets to the festival since some people may be allergic and we also don’t know how the various pets will get along with each other.

You are more than welcome to bring an instrument to the festival, especially for the talent show. We encourage everyone who likes to play and sing to participate.

The Location

The adress of the Hotel is: Starline, Šlovice 145, 270 41 Hřebečníky, Czech republic.

For information on how to get to the school please go to the ‘Location’ page.

Yes, it is possible to park your car in front of the hotel and it is free to park.

The festival takes place in the middle of the September. The temperature on a typical September day varies between 16-25 degrees celcius. The weather in September can be unpredictable and a worst case senario is temperatures between 15 – 18 degrees and some wind and rain. Best case senario is 23-27 degrees. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before you go.

The cell phone coverage at the hotel is pretty good and so is the WIFI connection in the main building. Some places you can also get the WIFI signal outside and in the rooms but not everywhere.


Yes, you can bring your own tent and set it up in the designated areas.

No, the hotel does not have dorms, only shared rooms for either two, three or four people. The price per person is the same for all of the rooms.

If the festival is not fully booked you can get a room to yourself, but you will have to pay extra. The price is on the ‘Price & Registration’ page.

If you book your ticket early it may be possible for us to locate you close to a bathroom. The rooms are being distributed on a first come first serve basis so make sure to book early if you have certain preferences. All you have to do is e-mail us at with your request and we will let you know if it is possible.

There are one or two keys for each room. If you loose it, it will cost you 200 kr to have a new one made so make sure to hand it back after the festival.

There are keys for each room and you can keep your belongings in there. Just remember to lock the room every time you leave. If things get lost, broken or stolen however it will have to be your own insurance that covers it, so do be careful and lock your room. We also recommend that you do not bring very valuable things like laptops but instead take the time off from computers and enjoy some face to face interaction.

Unfortunately we cannot help you find a place to stay in Prague before and after the festival, but here are some options for you. On Facebook there is a group called 811 Couch surfing and here you may be able to find a Czech who will host your stay privately. There are many hotels and hostels and Airbnb available in Prague, you can check or

Pricing and Payment

No. Unfortunately we are not equipped to handle several payments from each person, so just make sure to put a little bit aside each month so you can pay it all in one go.

Yes, you can also make a money transfer instead of using our webshop. Just make sure that we get the right amount as your bank may add some fees or use a poor exchange rate.  You find the required information here…

If you sign up before May 1st or if you are a student or retired you will naturally get a discount. See the ‘Price & Registration’ page. If you are neither a student nor retired then the best way to get a discount is to volunteer in the kitchen during the festival. For more information on volunteering go to the ‘Volunteer’ page.

If for any reason you need to cancel your registration before the festival starts we will give you a full refund minus a small administration fees. Children under the age of 5 are not charged an administration fee for canceling. (We prefer if you can cancel before September 1st since that is when the food will be ordered.)  Unfortunately we cannot give you your money back once the festival has started regardless of personal circumstances (even if you become ill). You are welcome to pass your ticket along to someone else as long as the new guest fills out a registration form and you inform us about the change. If you wish to cancel please send us an e-mail at The administration fee will be deducted from your payment. See the prices for cancelling at the buttom of the ‘Price & Registration’ page.


Every year we try to get internationally recognized and well known speakers for the festival, so the answer is most likely no. You are of course welcome to send us an e-mail at and tell us more about yourself and your topic and we will keep you in mind for future festivals. If you are an instructor in some kind of sport or activity you are very welcome to let us know and perhaps it can fit into our schedule.


Yes you can. We encourage people to share their talents at our talent show. Maybe you can play a musical instrument, sing, dance, juggle or something else and you are very welcome to do so.

On the ‘volunteer page’ you can read all about the kind of work you will be doing as a volunteer.

Yes, the dining hall has a limited seat capacity so we cannot have more than a maximum of 130 people. Each year the festival attracts more and more participants so if you want to make sure to get a ticket don’t wait till last minute.

It is a very broad range of people who attend the festival and you will find both young and old, men and women, posh people and hippies, overweight people and slim people, raw food beginners and long term raw vegans. Some of the people will be from Czech but a large number of the people will also be from all over the world since this is an international festival. One thing you will probably notice is that everyone is very positive, friendly and open minded and you should not be afraid to come alone. As long as you have a positive attitude and a sincere interest in a healthy raw vegan lifestyle you are naturally part of the family.

It is expensive to make a festival like this and we need all the marketing and financial help we can get. We try to keep the price as low as possible and by helping us you help the festival continue in the years to come. What you can do are things like:
  • press the like button for Facebook in the sidebar
  • write about it/ link to us on forums and websites in your country/ language
  • share the event on your Youtube channel if you have one
  • share the website adress with family, friends and the world in general
  • tell people in the media about the festival so they can write an article about it in your country
  • let us know of any possible sponsors that can support us
  • donate an amount of your own choice

Thank you very much. We are super appreciative of any help we can get.