Fitness Activities

Morning Fitness

Every morning we will have some kind of fitness training.


There will be different styles of yoga classes to attend. Previously we have had eg. Vinyasa flow and Kundalini.


You get the chance to try some social partner dancing for beginners. Previous years we have had eg. Lindy Hop and Ballroom Dancing.


There will most likely also be some kind of running, either morning run or a running workshop.

Social Activities

Speed Meeting

The festival starts out with speed meeting where everyone gets a chance to meet the other guests.

Talent Show

If you have a talent like eg. juggling, singing, playing, dancing etc. you are very welcome to perform at the Talent Show. Just bring what you need and sign up at the festival.

speed dating

Speed Dating

If you are looking for a new fruit loving boy- or girlfriend this is a great opportunity. You get to meet a lot of new people in a short time and the chance to meet your match.

Games on the lawn

If you need an afternoon break from lectures you can enjoy different ball games on the lawn with the other guests.

Kids Activities

There will be a few activities for kids and all ages are welcome. Smaller kids must be accompanied by a parent. Previously we have had eg. flower picking, slip and slide, fun with fruits and ‘cookie creation’.

Educational Activites

Food Demos

During the festival there will be various food demonstrations in how to make raw food dishes 80/10/10 style.


Every year we host a mens and a womens circle where you get a chance to share what is on your mind. Here you can talk freely and confidently about your challenges and get support from others.

Panel Discussion

For the panel discussion we will get all the speakers on the stage. This is your chance to ask them anything you want.