Doug Graham and Rosalind will be back

At the Fresh Food Festival 2016

They will be back for the 8th time

Once again we are proud to present Doug Graham and Rosalind Graham as speakers at the Fresh Food Festival. Doug and Rosalind have been speaking at the festival from the very beginning in Denmark and this year will be the 8th time they participate. Earlier this year we put out a survey in order to see who our guests would like to hear at the 2016 festival. Both Doug and Rosalind were among the top picks and therefore we are very happy to have them back.

Doug Graham is the author of the book ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ and the founder of the raw version of 80/10/10. The entire festival is based on these principles and will be serving a colourful variety of raw fruits and vegetables according to these principles. Besides being a speaker and author Doug Graham is also a doctor of chiropractic and has extensive knowledge about the human body. He has worked with people to improve their health and fitness levels for years and have a history of coaching top athletes. His personal fitness abilities are amazing and at the festival he will be leading the fitness training every morning.

Rosalind Graham is a highly loved speaker with an amazing ability to capture her audience. Over the years she has spoken on a host of topics ranging from raw vegan menopause, raising raw food kids, home schooling to emotional strategies and eating disorders. She is also an expert on what is known as Natural Hygiene and is guaranteed to inspire and motivate her audience.

Exactly what Doug and Rosalind will bet talking about this year is not yet known but please let us know in the comments below if you have any wishes. You can get an Early Bird price on the festival if you book before April 1st. 2016. This price includes lectures, food, social activities, fitness activities and accommodation in shared rooms and is well worth the money. So if you would like to attend this amazing festival and hear Doug and Rosalind speak then check it out here: or get your Early Bird ticket today here…

Rosalind Graham 2010 Fresh Food Festival

 Rosalind Graham speaking at the Fresh Food Festival in Lolland 2010.

 Doug Graham speaking at the Fresh Food Festival in Osted 2013.