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The Schedule 2018 – Information about Presentations


  • How to Pick Good Fruit:

I will share some of the tips for selecting top quality fruit that I have learnt over the past twenty-seven years.

When we rely on Fruit for our macro and micro nutrient needs, we need to pick the Best and ripest fruit we possibly can.

I will also look at why it is so important to eat the Best Quality and properly ripe fruit.

I will share tips that I feel will be useful for those just starting out on a raw vegan diet to help fruit-picking skills, and thus help to ensure the food we eat contains the nutrients we need.

  • Marvellous Mono-Diets

In this presentation, I will be sharing why Mono-diets can be a useful alternative to fasting, when there is a need to heal and re-balance the body.

I will share some of my own experiences over the past 20 years, including how a turning point in my own Fruitarian journey occurred after I had completed an extended Orange juice Mono-Diet.

I will also look at some past Pioneers who advocated Mono-Diets and how their personal and professional successes.

  • Figs: Forest Regenerators and Nutrient Powerhouses!

Figs are an amazing fruit, not only do they help to regenerate wastelands and decimated forests, they are one of the most important foods,for humans, in terms of micronutrients.

I will also share about the many different varieties of Figs and their special significance in the Ecosystem.


  • The Art of Presenting

This session/workshop is for anyone who would like to become a public speaker as well as those well-seasoned presenters wanting to polish up their presenting skills.  Come along and learn about speaker etiquette, how to capture and maintain your audience’s interest, the most effective use of your voice and many other skills that will have a massive impact on your speaking career.

  • Body Knowledge for Health Seekers

Through the use of magical fairytales, imagery, clear descriptions and practical workshops, this session will help you to know the inner workings of your own body far better.

You will gain empowering understanding of how diet and lifestyle changes can transform your health for the better.

This mini course consists of three independent sessions providing basic education in human anatomy and physiology in relation to avoiding, or healing from, the most common health concerns.

  • Session 1 – The Heart of the Matter

This session brings you potentially life-saving information that the vast majority of the public never access.

By attending this session, you will not only have the knowledge needed to keep your own heart and vascular system beautifully healthy, but you will also be in a much stronger position to offer guidance to others who are heading towards heart disease or a stroke.

  • Session 2 – Bones and Joints

This theoretical and practical session teaches you the basic design and needs of bones and joints and explains how different diet and lifestyle choices affect these vital structures.

  • Session 3 – Preventing and Healing Back Problems

This workshop focuses on the spine and back care.  Back pain is one of the most common complaints yet reliable education in how to care for the spine and surrounding muscles is seldom available. By the end of this session, you will be empowered by the necessary education and skill development to heal most back pain and maintain a youthful spine.


  • Coming easy to raw food and 80/10/10 diet
    So many people tell me why they don’t eat raw foods. Excuses flow like water. People think eating raw is some sort of penalty, and they aren’t ready to pay the price. Let me give you the excuses you need to eat raw foods, and to follow The 80/10/10 Diet as if your life depended upon it. Let me show you how to make eating raw easy, preferable, the most rewarding prize of all prizes.
  • What is all the fuss about protein?
    No discussion of nutrition would be complete without mentioning protein. In fact, protein is super important, and if it wasn’t found in every whole food, it would deserve all the attention it gets. Without protein there can be no growth, and no repair. Let’s look into some of the common concerns, questions, and relevant facts regarding the most talked about nutrient.
  • Laws of Life
    All biological life forms operate under specific laws. Discovery of the laws gives insight into all heath and lifestyle practices. Gaining awareness of the laws imparts a profound appreciation and confidence in how the human body works.  Knowing even a few of the laws will help you take better care of yourself.
  • Similarities between recovery from illness and sport training
    Are athletes really a special breed that requires special care? What do the sickest of the sick have in common with world class athletes? How can you utilize the best of both worlds in order to maximize your own sports performance and be most economical with your energy? Learn this and much more as Dr. Doug Graham waxes eloquent about his work with people at each end of the performance spectrum

Fitness Classes

  • Balance And Your Posture

Poor posture can leave you feeling weak, tired, or worse; it can lead to injuries and deformity. If your balance isn’t getting better, it is likely getting worse. Learn the little adjustments that will make people notice your good posture.

Effort level: Easy

  • Mobility vs Stability

When I watch people attempt to exercise but using incorrect leverage, I cringe. Lifting incorrectly increases risk of injury, makes the weight feel heavier, and makes the exercise all the more difficult. Watching people initiate movements incorrectly is equally upsetting. Learn the basics, and see how you can put them into use, countless times per day.

Effort level: Easy to Moderate

  • Movement Mechanics

Little movements can become big problems when they are repeated incorrectly.  When done correctly, and using the correct muscles, the things we do every day, such as squatting, standing up, pushing, and pulling, can be done with way less effort, and greatly reduced risk of injury.

Effort level: Moderate

  • You’ve Got to Carry The Load

Time to put the theory to the test. Become exhilarated as you load up, and feel the Earth move through your heels.

Effort level: Challenging

Joao Løbo

THE CUBE OF TRUTH – ” How to Voice the Speechless Through Dialogue and Empathy” (dissertations on the work of Anonymous for the Voiceless)

CUT THE CRAP – from our Plates, from our Bodies, from our Environment: -” Has Denmark always been the world’s heaviest meat-eating nation?… Notes on a nationwide 2 years of plant-based eating in the XX Century – a danish experiment”

Marina Grubic

In her talk “The Universe In You”, Marina shares some of her life stories that present her manifestations in practice. With each story, Marina points out to the thought processes that brought about the manifestation. This talk will inspire you and teach you to train your mind to create the reality you want to live.