Tim VanOrden
Ted Carr

Updates about Tim VanOrden and a Bonus Speaker Ted Carr

There have just been some unexpected changes to our schedule for the Fresh Food Festival this year. Unfortunately Tim VanOrden has had to cancel his physical presence at the festival due to personal circumstances but instead he will do his talks live via Skype from the United States. Tim is extremely sorry that he can’t make it so he has offered to do his talks live via Skype so our guests won’t miss out on what he has to say. But that is not all.

There wasn’t going to be any more new speakers at the festival this year but because of the changes with Tim we have now decided to book another awesome speaker and athlete to make up for it. Therefore we are really happy to announce that the Youtuber, motivational speaker and Triathlete Ted Carr will come as well. Ted will be doing the morning runs instead of Tim and he will also do the running workshop, host the men’s circle and a lot of inspiring lectures of course.

Ted is a fruit based triathlete and personal trainer with an incredible energy and drive for results. He is originally from Canada but spends most of his time in Thailand training both cycling, running and swimming and participates in races. Ted is also a great motivational speaker and in his videos and coachings he talks a lot about goal setting, positive mental attitude techniques, and self-improvement methods.

So if you still haven’t booked your ticket there are lots of good reasons to do it now. If your budget is a bit tight but you really want to go then it is also possible to volunteer in the kitchen or get a one-day pass.

Get your ticket online today www.freshfoodfestival.com/festival-tickets

We really hope to see you in only 5 weeks.

Fruity greetings
Louise Koch and the Festival Team